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Diving Banda; Dive Banda

Banda has long been thought a destination only to be visited with liveaboard dive vessels, whose limited itineraries curtail the length of time which can be spent in the Banda islands. Land based diving in Banda allows divers to enjoy more flexible dive experiences, with more time to dive the plethora of sites within Banda's huge natural harbour and also to join excursions to the outer islands in the region.

The islands nestle in the Banda Sea, Eastern Indonesia, reached through the central hub of Maluku, Ambon City. The archipelago of Banda is made up of seven main islands, these being Banda Neira, Lonthor, Gunung Api, Pulau Pisang, Hatta, Ai and Run . 

Diving & Exploring

Time here presents divers with the chance to explore the underwater delights of Banda, whilst offering extended time for exploration of the fascinating town.

The Banda Islands are amongst the most unique destinations in the world. The intrigue surrounding the history and culture of the region is mirrored in the underwater experiences too